Cross-border marketing connecting the world and Japan

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Cross-border marketing connecting the world and Japan

Our mission is to “connect the world and Japan”. Utilizing overseas influencer marketing on global media platforms, we produce various goods, online store, people, activities, events and brands from all over the world.

Our staff and creators explore the ideas that drive clients and viewers around the world with mixed backgrounds and infuse that sensibility into what we produce.

Four main components for cross-border marketing

Our cross-border marketing includes four main components: Digital media strategy by multi-experts, Influencer marketing centered on overseas influencers, Content planning and production by specialists, Event branding, planning and production. Combining these 4 elements we produce successful branding and cross-border marketing.


Strategic intelligence derived from data analysis

Strategic intelligence derived from data analysis

②“Digital Media Strategy”, is the main component of our cross-border marketing and is based on our multi-expert data analysis, social media account consulting and operational maintenance.

We support the growth of your account by using various data analysis tools such as; account health check, market trend surveys, and competitive analysis. When managing an account, we base it on these guidelines and strategies. We also operate accounts and create branding for non Japanese-speaking regions in whichever local language is required.

Globally distributed content is often pirated across various platforms. We use copyright management tools in order to protect the IP within whichever platform the content exists.

In these ways we offer comprehensive digital content operation and branding services for our customers on media platforms.

  • Online video
    Social media analysis consultation

  • YouTube channel operation

  • Social media operation

  • SEO measures

  • Copyright management


Japan's largest overseas influencer network

Japan's largest overseas influencer network

We have the largest network of overseas influencers in Japan. Using influencer marketing we promote our client’s brands and messages.

Our influencers come from all over the world with a multitude of languages, channel categories and have successfully promoted brands tailored to our client’s specific needs. We specifically thrive in inbound PR and have received positive feedback for those campaigns.

The larger the network, the bigger the influencer. But size isn’t everything. Our micro influencers are able to target more niche categories with great success and work under the philosophy of quality, not quantity.

We manage overseas influencers directly with production support including shooting and editing of videos. We also provide our creators with ‘Life Support services’; meaning assistant for those creators who move to Japan from overseas and need help with daily life in Japan as well.

  • Influencer tie-up
    video operation

  • Influencer management

  • Internet video
    SNS video Trend information


Next-generation creative production

Next-generation creative production

We have experience releasing next-generation creative content aimed at global targets on multiple media platforms

To target audiences effectively we select production methods on the optimal online platform to deliver promotional concepts and messages. We hybridize different elements; story (scripts), message and concept, casting, and music into a coherent product. We discover new content through our combination of production, intelligence and technology.

Since our founding we have primarily focussed on YouTube original content production; such as dramas, documentaries, variety programming, etc. that stand out from other usual content on YouTube.

There has recently been a rise in Inbound PR work and our company has completed many successful campaigns in this field through video promotion utilizing overseas influencers.

  • Internet video production and multilingual support

  • Movie / TV program / MV production

  • Website creation


Offlline and online production

Offlline and online production

Among our various marketing activities we produce fan events.

We consider fan and influencer engagement to be of primary importance and produce fan events and meetings several times a year for our creators. We hope to create a deeper connection between creators and their fans through real-life interactions.

Among our events we also produce large scale promotional events for movie releases from event planning to influencer promotion.

We provide dynamic event services both offline and online onformed by digital media strategy.

  • Event planning and production

  • Social media connected event planning and production

  • Influencer event planning and production

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