About our company

Company Introduction.

Three “BREAK”

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About our company

Company Introduction.


  • Alan Swarts


    Alan was born in Japan and raised in Colorado, USA. After graduating from Columbia University in New York, he joined MTV, a music channel that continues to transmit culture to the world through music. Over the next 17 years, he produced content with MTV around the world, including Japan and the United States.

    During his time as in the role as Vice President at MTV JAPAN, he continued to transmit Japan’s unique culture to the world, serving concurrently as Executive Producer of Video Music Awards Japan, the largest music festival in Japan that later became a popular program broadcast not only in Japan, but all over the world. In 2013, he created Breaker Co., Ltd in Japan;

    a media brand that creates new next-generation content that connects Japan and the world, and continues to produce a wide variety of content both domestically and overseas.

  • Noriaki Yasukawa


    In 2002, he joined the largest consulting firm in Japan.

    In 2004, he changed from a consultant to an operating company, overseeing the management department of the operating company, and engaged in listing preparation and M & A as the owner’s business succession.

    In April 2007, joined Human Communications Co., Ltd. as the head of the accounting department. Later, as Director of the Management Division, he worked on general affairs, human resources and management planning functions, and concurrently served as a listing preparation manager.

    Listed on JASDAQ (Standard) in August 2011, 2nd section of TSE in July 2012, and 1st section of TSE in July 2013.

    After listing, as a CFO, he contributed significantly to the growth of the corporate group, focusing on the execution of strategic M & A. He retired from the board of directors in November 2017 and joined Breaker in December 2017.


About our company

Company Introduction.

Company Profile

Trade name
Breaker Inc
Alan Swarts
Shigeo Maruyama / John Possman / Noriaki Yasukawa
23, August 2013
Business description

Film production, TV program production, CM production
Influencer marketing
Inbound marketing
Artist management
Event planning and production
Provide video analysis tools

03-6447-4864 / 03-6447-4865
Roppongl 7−3−24 B-1 / B-2 , Minatoku Tokyo Japan

10 min walk from Roppongi station (exit #7) Tokyo Metro Hibiya line/Toei Oedo line
6 min walk from Nogizaka station exit # A3 on Chiyoda line

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