Our Influencer Network

Our own little family of influencers letting their voices be heard on the great wide Internet.

  • Simon and Martina

    Simon and Martina are the number one English-language YouTube channel in Japan. With a focus on food, they've traveled the country and have tried as many different dishes as possible. Their videos are informative, funny, and built on the foundation of their excellent chemistry. Over the years, they’ve attracted a large and dedicated global community, cementing themselves as a cornerstone of online video content in Asia for the past decade.

  • Ryuuu TV

    Ryu and his wife Yuma upload videos in Chinese that teach Japanese language and explore Japanese culture. Their many accomplishments include a variety show on Chinese video sites with over 800 million views on six major Chinese video platforms. On YouTube they have over 1 million subscribers, and over 200 million views.

  • AquiPode – A vida no Japão

    Hiro, the creator of AquiPode, opens up the world of Japan to his Portuguese fan base. His YouTube channel, which he began in 2010, features videos about daily life and his thoughts on various subjects. His audience now stands at over 720,000 subscribers. Hiro is the perfect guide to the booming Brazilian audience interested in Japan.

  • Sharla in Japan

    A pioneer among foreign YouTubers introducing Japan to the world, Sharla started her channel in September 2011 with videos that focused on Japanese culture, food, and travel. Sharla has worked with prefectures and other Japanese establishments to promote Japanese travel and culture.

  • Lorran Saito

    Lorran Saito aims to become the number 1 lifestyle video blogger in Japan. He is currently becoming one of YouTube Japan's leading Brazilian voices. Some of his many hobbies include skateboarding, surfing, Japanese food, cars, and people. His content is always full of life.

  • SQUASHfilms

    Tatsuya Otsuka, Yuya Otsuka, Daichi Nakada, Kenji Maekawa are a theater troupe known as Gekidan Squash. In addition to live performances, they also create drama videos for YouTube. They are producing a feature film to be released in conjunction with the Japanese launch of YouTube Red.

  • Video Games AWESOME!

    Canadians Becky and Fraser have been creating content for their channel, Video Games AWESOME! since 2005. Gamers and non-gamers alike love the casual and fun atmosphere that makes them feel like they’re right in the living room with the couple as they play through a variety of games. Their fans, or ‘TURBOs’ as they are known, are extremely loyal and the couple find themselves surrounded by hundreds of their close-knit community members even on an impromptu trip to Finland.The two quickly fell in love with Japan and decided to move to the country after just a few trips. With Japan's indie gaming scene entering a second renaissance, they can’t wait to explore and show it to the rest of the world.

  • RinRin Doll

    RinRin Doll is a YouTuber, model, and mc in Tokyo, Japan. Charmed by her first lolita dress, she now shares her love of Japan’s unique fashion through her makeup and fashion videos on her YouTube channel. She is also a regular model for the popular lolita brand, Angelic Pretty. As an ambassador of lolita fashion, she actively promotes Japanese fashion worldwide through tea parties, fashion shows, and concerts. She has had first-hand experience seeing fashion being a wonderful source of community and support and she hopes to bring more people from different countries around the world together through a shared interest in Japanese fashion and culture. Fashion is a limitless tool for self expression and when you’re glowing in that confidence, you’re beautiful.

  • MakeupSuReRo

    With her catchphrase “Makeup is magic,” SuReRo has charmed her way into the hearts of over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube with her helpful and unique makeup tutorials. Beauty products and fashion are her realms of expertise. SuReRo has been recognized by YouTube’s creator support program as a creator who can inspire the next generation.

  • 亞實Ami

    Taiwan-based Japanese influencer Ami has made it her mission to introduce Japan to Taiwan. Besides modeling in Taiwan, television appearances, and MC gigs at events, she is also an active YouTuber. She hopes to spread Japanese culture to a larger Chinese audience.

  • Blumio

    Born in Düsseldorf, Germany to Japanese parents, Blumio began rapping when he was just 13. He cemented his popularity in 2009 with the release of "Hey Mr. Nazi" which gained over 16 million views on YouTube. Now, he is focused on creating music in Japanese, using the skills he built in the fatherland to make a name for himself in the Japanese music scene.

Business Partners

  • Vietnamese living in Japan

    As her channel name suggests, Nhung is from Vietnam and came to Japan 2 years ago due to her interest in the Japanese language and culture. Now, Nhung is working in Tokyo while producing regular content for her YouTube channel. She is passionate about introducing Japanese food, customs, products, and tourist spots to her Vietnamese audience of over 100,000. She hopes to make her channel more diverse through her continual exploration of new areas in Japan.

  • Natalia Natchan

    Music, promotion, personality. Natalia has combined it all into one beautiful dynamo. Her vlogs, which are almost completely in Japanese, focus on daily life in Japan from the perspective of an American girl. Her unique approach has won her a loyal fanbase that is constantly growing.

  • Hsuanシュアン

    Even as a child in Taiwan, Hsuan was addicted to all things Japanese media related. In 2013, she became an exchange student in Japan. She became a member of the idol group Through Skills, produced by Atsushi Tamura (London Boots #1 #2). After a brief return to Taiwan, she was inspired to start her YouTube channel focusing on the Japanese idol scene and J-POP fans in Taiwan. A return to Japan in 2016 shifted her channel’s focus to cover sightseeing, food, cosmetics, and culture. Through her videos, Hsuan hopes to build a cultural bridge between Japan and Taiwan.

  • Currently Hannah

    Hannah is a 26-year-old from Australia who’s fallen in love with new experiences. She originally moved to Japan in 2013 to work at Universal Studios Japan as a performer and quickly decided that she wanted to stay for longer. Her videos are predominantly based on travel and culture with most of her audience hailing from America and Australia. Her bubbly personality and happy persona bring a fresh perspective wherever she goes.

  • Tiffany

    Tiffany became interested in Japan as a Junior High School student watching Japanese dramas. After studying Japanese at the University of Taiwan, she moved to Japan where she now lives. Her channel offers insights into language and pop-culture by using scenes from Japanese dramas and lyrics from Japanese songs to teach her Chinese-speaking audience. She also uses real-life situations, such as shopping, to help her audience learn as well. By focusing on real life and pop-culture, Tiffany teaches and entertains at the same time!

  • 撒醬x日初Sachiko’s FirstDay

    Sachiko is half-Japanese and half-Chinese and has mastered both languages. Currently, she works as a model, blogger, and brand ambassador, while using her language skills for translation and interpretation for a Taiwanese publisher. She has translated novels and worked in a handful of major schools teaching Japanese. Since 2016, she has been touring all over Taiwan teaching her original study method. Her channel mainly presents topics related to Taiwan and Japan.

  • Mikan In Japan

    Mikan has been interested in fashion since a young age. As she grew up, that interest became focused specifically on Japanese street fashion. The cute styles you’d see in magazines about Harajuku inspired her own fashion, which led to her learning more about Japanese culture. That interest has grown so much that she decided to leave England and move to Japan to study Japanese. Mikan has been sharing her passion for Japanese fashion on Instagram for about 2 years now and recently has branched out to YouTube.

  • Erica Lion

    Having grown up in both the UK and Japan, Erica's channel offers a unique perspective focusing mainly on interesting places in Japan and lifestyle vlogs. Expect to find informative videos on important topics like animal rights as well as outright silly one offs. Since she was 17 she has had an interest in acting and has appeared in several Japanese movies. Erica's hobbies include ukulele, travel, and finding secret vegan restaurants.

  • Ruanruanbing

    With over 400,000 fans through her SNS platforms, Ruanruanbing has created a cult following on both Weibo and bilibili. She first came to Japan as an exchange student in October 2011. During that time, she started uploading her first videos focusing on Japanese pop culture and anime. Most of her fans are die-hard anime otaku. However, she is also active as an event MC and a reporter for TV programs. Ruanruanbing has made a name for herself both online and offline.