Strategic intelligence derived from data analysis

Strategic intelligence derived from data analysis

②“Digital Media Strategy”, is the main component of our cross-border marketing and is based on our multi-expert data analysis, social media account consulting and operational maintenance.

We support the growth of your account by using various data analysis tools such as; account health check, market trend surveys, and competitive analysis. When managing an account, we base it on these guidelines and strategies. We also operate accounts and create branding for non Japanese-speaking regions in whichever local language is required.

Globally distributed content is often pirated across various platforms. We use copyright management tools in order to protect the IP within whichever platform the content exists.

In these ways we offer comprehensive digital content operation and branding services for our customers on media platforms.

  • Online video
    Social media analysis consultation

  • YouTube channel operation

  • Social media operation

  • SEO measures

  • Copyright management