Japan's largest overseas influencer network

Japan's largest overseas influencer network

We have the largest network of overseas influencers in Japan. Using influencer marketing we promote our client’s brands and messages.

Our influencers come from all over the world with a multitude of languages, channel categories and have successfully promoted brands tailored to our client’s specific needs. We specifically thrive in inbound PR and have received positive feedback for those campaigns.

The larger the network, the bigger the influencer. But size isn’t everything. Our micro influencers are able to target more niche categories with great success and work under the philosophy of quality, not quantity.

We manage overseas influencers directly with production support including shooting and editing of videos. We also provide our creators with ‘Life Support services’; meaning assistant for those creators who move to Japan from overseas and need help with daily life in Japan as well.

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    video operation

  • Influencer management

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